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, a camel on the loose in concorde. they brought traffic to a standstill took hours to capture. we are live in concorde tonight with measures the owners taking to try to keep that camel secure. christian? >> reporter: take a look behind me might be able to the traffic is able to move through this area, this is the area where the camel was yesterday. today, this afternoon, i spoke with the camel's caretaker and he assures me that the camel is behind the fence and a holding pen was 70 tall walls and he is drinking lots of water and recovering from yesterday's excitement. >> through the 20 hours after he escaped this afternoon the cattle company to speak with bill the camel's caretaker and chopper two flew over the ranch and saw several exotic animals on the site the caretaker said the large animal veterinarian checked him out this morning and gave him a clean bill of health. he broke 3 cents yesterday and made all the way to bailey road where according to the california highway patrol a broken down motorists spotted him and called it in. and it drew traffic to a standstill into the front yar
the original parol violation. >>> workers at a mobile phone store in concord say someone drove a pickup truck right through the front window today as part of a robbery. it happened at 6:00 this morning in concord at the team mobile store in the clayton shopping center. whoever was inside that store stole several phones and then took off. >>> new at 6:00, governor jerry brown today pushed to change a stringent and controversial state law that some say requires the use of toxic flame retardant in every day items. jade hernandez is in berkeley tonight with the change the governor wants manufacturers to make asap. jade-- >> reporter: frank, we're not very far from a store here in berkeley that already sells items without flame retar -- retardant in their products. but they're not the only ones thinks of the preprocautions. >> some of the things are outdated. >> reporter: but after today their goods may be more mainstream. >> the governor of california changed the game. >> reporter: michael green with the center of environmental health says flame retardants are toxic. >> we at the center for envi
vallejo. 59 concord. 57 hayward. we need rain. third driest january on record. big deal. records go way back, 1850. five-day forecast, showers on thursday. i wish we had something more juicy in the forecast. fog the lead story with sprinkles on thursday. >> it is what it is. >> yeah. >> thank you. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, a close nit community stunned by the death of a mother, what neighbors are telling us about her daughter who is behind bars and a hostage crisis that made headlines is over. authorities explain why they moved in to save a 5-year-old boy. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> the 49ers take stock and so are their fans. in 3 minutes, we look at the missed opportunities on the 49ers player roster. >>> we have come a long way towards fulfilling this dream. but having come a long way is not just to suggest we completed the journey. >> former adviser for dr. martin luther king, jr. gave a lecture today. he co-wrote the i have a dream speech. today the professor offed a glimpse of his part. >>> 49ers back home a lut
. the court has 90 days to issue its decision. >>> tomorrow the city of concord may move closer to banning marijuana growing operations outdoors. in december, the city council asked the city attorney to write up a proposed ban. residents complained about the smell of pot growing and expressed concern about crime. the planning commission will take up the issue at its meeting tomorrow night at 7:00. >>> san francisco leaders say they will be celebrating this valentine's day with a global effort to end violence against women and children. supporters of the b day awareness movement are organizers a splash mob. >> i think it's really important for men to show up and really stand up because this is not about women. this is about all of us and again real men do not abuse other people. they certainly do not abuse more vulnerable people and they do not abuse women. >> we posted more information under web links on our home page. there you can find a video of the dance that organizers plan to perform. >>> the 49ers packed up their gear today and hugged each other goodbye. robert handa live in santa c
was cut loose in 2010. >>> the city of concord is closer to banning the cultivation of marijuana. they voted 4-0 in favor of the measure that now goes to the counsel. they banned medical marijuana dispensary in 2005. the supreme court is weighing whether local governments have the right to enact such bans. >>> in an hour, san jose mayor will deliver his state of the city address. he is expected to talk about the rising crime rate and plans to create more jobs. he is also expected to suggest putting a sales tax increase next year. >>> texas governor is coming to the bay area on sunday in hopes of luring millionaires to his state. he criticized california and encouraging millionaires to move to texas. in november california voters raised the income tax to 13%. >>> the same weather system that gave us a soggy morning commute is bringing snow to the sierra. richard sharp is live with a look at how much snow the ski country is getting, is it coming down right now? . >> reporter: it is. but it came down pretty good this afternoon. chain controls in effect on interstate 80. the big prob
they plan to expand the study to learn more. >>> the city of concord is warning residents about pockets of darkness. the lights in the area have been off after thieves stole copper wiring there last july. next week they plan to put up solar lights. >>> machine guns, assault weapons and a rocket launcher. these are the weapons deputies face every day. we will tell you about the plan to get them off the streets. >> only on 2, the one thing we found that would get people to support a tax on soda. >> first, bombs in a house depinated. the threat that led police to the suspects and the explosives. sts. >>> in santa clara authorities detonated a explosive device at the home of a man accused of threatening a public official. he was arrested yesterday. investigators searched his home today. he was arrested on several charges including suspicion of making criminal threats and threatening a public official. >>> new gun buy back program will put $150,000 in to hands of residents giving up weapons. new tonight at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's patty lee with the steps authorities are taking a get guns off the st
are getting warming atmosphere and a nice -- nice night. 63 in concord. 63 in san jose. getting dark out there and it is february and we are still in the 60s. mile evening. cold real -- mild evening. cold real fast. and nice day tomorrow. as we head into the bay area weekend, more clouds come in, those clouds break down the ridge of high pressure that has been keeping us dry and bringing us a chance of showers tuesday. much cooler. cool tonight. temperatures over night mid- 30s. low 30s. frost in some areas. whatever you have this morning, you got tomorrow morning. coastal fog returns as well. fog hugs up against the coast tomorrow. poor visibilities. the high pressure stays with us, air sinks, warms and goes off shore. that is tomorrow. then it changes. winds come more westerly. highs tomorrow, yellows. those are 70s. that is a lot of 70ss for february. yellow represents areas in the upper 60s and low 70s. nice looking day for friday. highs tomorrow, 68 pittsburg. 68 livermore. 71 san jose, morgan hill. what are you going to do? it is really nice. but we need the rain. fortunately we ha
saw a lot of snow men up here. and these guys from concord even made one and towed him up the hill. other parts of the east bay saw a lot of rain. some folks likely wish they had been better prepared others enjoyed it. >> i'm very happy about it actually. i know that we need a lot of rain, we've got a lot of rain early and not much in the middle. so i know that we need it. the rain also created hazardous driving conditions. caltrans worked to clear flooding on 980 in oakland. and the snow was really coming down earlier this afternoon. some polks polks -- folks told us it took them about an hour to camp to the campground where they had to park. if you take a look out here live, it is quite a view. the folks who finally made it out here told us it was worth it. cara liu. >>> and doris sent us this picture of hail today. >>> ken pritchett join us live. he is live from blue canyon with a look at how big the mess is tonight, ken -- >> reporter: we've actually had a break from the snow here at blue canyon for about an hour. right before this hit there's a hole here where you can see. th
temperatures in the 50s so cooler tomorrow. current temperatures 66 in concord, 69 in antioch. the system as it comes in will increase the clouds and will bring us a slight chance of a sprinkle as we go into late tonight early tomorrow morning but we're all asleep. you're not going to notice it. you may wake up with a little bit of wet on the ground. i think it'll get breezy tomorrow afternoon as that system clears out. so it'll be a crisp clear day probably need a jacket or sweatshirt. with the wind the 50s will feel clearer than that. frost in some of the inland bay valleys. just above freezing in the coldest spots and upper 30s low 40s. this is a system i'm tracking. they're supposed to go a lot of times they'll come down like this or around like this. it probably goes to the eastern corner of california and takes the strength. the strongest dynamics with it. that's why i can't get you any rain around here. that's why it's not going to happen for us in this particular storm. if you go way out there into next week, it's not going to happen again. we're dry into next week too as this hig
they have been found. life in concord, christian caplan ktvu news. >> you can follow us online 24 hours a day. >>> san jose police are hoping someone as found a missing elderly man. police say his wallet and identification were found at his home. they say he may be suffering from dementia and could be with a woman named regina butler. he may be driving his 1996 thanousone ford taurus with california license plate 3pqf 984. >>> jury convicted a woman of first degree murder in the shooting death of her exboyfriend. prosecutors say she killed him in february 20/10 because she was upset over their failed relationship. a mistrial was declared on the same charge last year. wright is expected to be sentenced to life in prison. >>> dozens of prominent republicans are now speaking out in support of gay marriage. among them, four former governors and two members of congress. the group is submitting a brief to the u.s. supreme court in support of a lawsuit seeking to strike down proposition 8 which is california's ban on same sex marriage. the group includes meg whitman who supported prop 8 when s
in concord, today, was aimed at keeping student athletes healthy on the field and off. the volunteers from the medical center offered health screenings for students at delasalle high school. about 15 years ago, an athlete died of sudden heart failure during a basketball game. today 150 students got cardiac tests including ekg's all for free. >> because it is the right thing to do. everything in health care doesn't have to be by the standards established and we have resources and we have people willing to help. >> cardiologists reviewed each student's ekg to see if more tests need to be performed. organizers say they hope to bring this private program to other contra costa county schools. >>> air quality managers called for another spare the air day today. the 10th so far this season. officials say smoke from fireplaces is a major cause of winter air pollution. so that means wood burning is banned tonight. unless it is the only source of heat. now, there is no spare the air alert scheduled for tomorrow. last year, we set a record with 15. >> turns out winter could be ending. sooner than we
30s out toward concord and fairfield. high pressure continues to build offshore. as a result, the storm track heads way up to our north. of course we had the rain showers on thursday into early friday morning. look what happens. this high builds in and a dry week ahead. no rainfall chances in our forecast at all. lots of sunshine and temperatures do go up a few degrees each day, for sunday, monday, tuesday and into wednesday. here is our forecast model. clear skies for your sunday. we'll take this into your monday. same deal with mostly sunny conditions. maybe a patch or two of fog first thing for the morning hours for monday morning and for tuesday morning. as for the readings tomorrow, look at all the readings back up into the upper 50s. even talking about low 60s toward santa rosa and napa. downtown san francisco, just beautiful, in the upper 50s, 59. we could have a bit of a breeze out there, especially in the hills for the morning hours. winds approaching 20 miles an hour. san jose, upper 50s and lower 60s out toward morgan hill and gilroy. here is a look ahead at your f
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12